COVID-19 Ethiopia Donations Tracker:

Who's donating to the emergency fund?

By Sidak Yntiso (@SYntiso) & Mastewal T. Terefe (@Mastishtt) | April 26, 2020








The Ethiopian government has estimated that it will need US $1.64 billion (≈54 billion birr) to prepare for and respond to the complex multi-sectoral impact of the COVID-19 emergency. Projected costs of interventions include the following:

  • US$635 million for emergency food distribution;

  • US$430 million for health sector response under a worst-case scenario of community spread with over 100,000 cases of infection;

  • US$282 million for provision of emergency shelter and non-food items; and

  • US$293 million for supporting agriculture, nutrition, the protection of vulnerable groups, education, logistics, refugees support among other things.



Mobilization of resources


So far, the government has allocated 5 billion birr to boost preparations and promised to avail an additional 15 billion liquidity to private banks. A series of economic and social relief measures have also been enacted to assist affected individuals and businesses.


To finance these initiatives the government has requested the assistance of international development partners and financial institutions. It has also been collecting monetary and in-kind donations from Ethiopians from all walks of life under the National Resource Mobilization Committee. Parallel to the central government, regional states are collecting donations from individuals and businesses. 



The Monetary Donations Tracker


Since April 2020, we have been documenting publicly reported donations to the federal and Addis Ababa city government. The data is collected through news alerts and manual monitoring of government communication. Despite our best efforts, the tracker is likely a low estimate of actual donations made because not all donations are publicly reported.  


Also note that this tracker is limited to financial donations made to the federal and Addis Ababa City governments. As such, contributions to regional states are not included. In-kind donations are documented separately on the In-kind Donations Tracker here.


In addition, the following categories of donations are NOT included:

  • Salary pledges to the government funds

  • Loans, grants, or other assistance from other countries, regional/international financial institutions

  • Donations to non-governmental entities


Donations are recorded under the following categories: Businesses, State Owned Enterprises, Individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious Institutions, Associations, Diaspora, Political Parties. Associations include mutual aid groups, professional associations, employee/labor unions etc.



Recorded donations as of April 24, 2020


As of April 24, we have been able to trace donations totaling 718, 236, 177 birr. The majority of funds traced were contributions from NGOs (28%), businesses (20%) and individuals (19%). The pie chart below provides a detailed breakdown of donations by major donor categories.


















To get a better understanding of variations in amount between donors within the same category, check out the following visual. The bigger the bubble, the higher the amount. The variation is largest in the NGOs and Individuals categories as a result of major donations from the Gates Foundation (200 million birr) and Sheikh Mohamed Ali Alamoudi (120 million birr). The full list of recorded donations is found here








Help us update the Trackers!


By allowing the public to report and trace donations, TrackEthioGov’s Donations Trackers bring transparency in the management and use of the government’s emergency fund. You can support this effort by emailing us reports of donations you see in the media ( or by reporting your donation here.